Finally, after months of waiting this video is available. As most people know, Elvis' CBS TV Special of 1977 was actually filmed at 2 diffrent shows. The first was filmed at Omaha, Nebraska on June 19th, 1977. The second was taken from Elvis' show at Rapid City S.D. on June 21, 1977. Now the Rapid City footage was available in the past, but only in Black and White, and it only ran about 45min. Well, here you get the COMPLETE Omaha show, and the almost complete Rapid City show IN COLOR. Both shows run about 1hr 10min respectfuly. The first shows great footage of Elvis doing And I Love You So, Fairytale, Little Sister and others. The 2nd has great candid footage of Elvis arriving at Rapid City, then meeting the Mayor and a little girl from a local Indian tribe that presents him with the medalion of life. From there starts the 2nd show, and you see Elvis doing the complete Are You Lonesome Tonight laughing version, Unchained Melody and more. The only thing with the Rapid show is that there is a counter running at the bottom center of the screen, but this is much better then the center screen watermark that was on the B & W video. Overall, these 2 shows are a MUST for every Elvis collector. Granted, they are quite sad to watch because of Elvis' state of health, but it also goes to prove that he could still electrify an audience like no one else.
Thanks To "ELVIS IS STILL THE KING" For The Review