Click the above Logo to go to the official site run by my friend Ray from the netherlands.


Well where do I start? I first spoke to Ray quite awhile back and he mentioned to me that he restores, and has lots of rare Elvis audio. I thought to myself "Sure he Does", probably another guy with a small computer program making new "Sounds" on Elvis music.

Well, he delivered the proof, and as they say the proof is in the pudding!



Ray has worked a long, hard time to get the first release "If You Don't Come Back" (see ad below) to come to reality.

You can again, by visiting the above link above listen to MP3 samples of his work and see for yourself what a big change in quality it is!



Now, Ray is not "Selling" the cd in the conventional way we are all used to..

All you must do is anyone who donates 25.- or more  will get a free "If you Don't Come Back" cd. (this incl.S/H)..

And may I add, that the first 500 copies are numbered and you recieve a very special promo poster.


Just Send a mail to for More information.

The Cd's used for this production are expensive SACD recordables, not cheap green/blue backed discs!


The productions don't stop there! No....!

You can now become a Member of Ray's exclusive group to recieve quarterly 2 cd's (Again Pressed on the Special Expensive SACD Recordables). The cd's will come housed in a plastic sleeve and a sticker saying "This cd includes a remastered edition". The idea is, if you posses the original cd, you can then buy a 2 CD case and keep the original, and the remastered version together.. And you can keep track of it by placing the special "Remastered" sticker to the case. If you don't have the originals, then you would have at least the better of the two!

Email Ray at: For more information on becoming a member!

Ray tells me that all proceeds after cost will go towards purchasing more Elvis rarities and more technical equipment to better serve the members in future projects.

I never endorse projects I do not believe in. This is definitely something us, as Elvis fans need to do for Elvis' audio legacy. Ray tells me his goal is to enhance, and archive all the Elvis rarities for future generations to come.

Again you can visit Ray's site at:


-Jordan Ritchie