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Delivered to Elvis on December 18, 1957. Elvis was to be inducted 1-20-58.

Estimated Value 55,000$

33.jpg (106886 bytes)

Elvis' Shelby County Special Deputy Application.

Elvis applied for the Shelby County Tennessee Sheriffs department as a special deputy in 1974.

Estimated value 22,500$

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Written in 1969 for dues to the private club "The factory"

Estimated Value 1250$

35.jpg (89276 bytes)

Unpaid Parking Ticket Warrant

Notice of intention to issue a warrant to Elvis Presley from the municipal court, desert judicial district, in Palm Springs, California. The warrant was issued on 12-14-76 for a violation #B 70711, committed on 7-16-76 at the airport in Palm Springs at 7:13am. The warrant was issued under violation code 12.36.140, an unpaid parking ticket for Elvis' Cadillac.

Value 350$

36a.jpg (123260 bytes)36b.jpg (123168 bytes)

Doodled and Annotated Presley Center Courts Brochure

Double sided, folded paper brochure in brown and blue of the envisioned Presley Center Courts, Racquetball and Handball courts. The brochure consists of images of the outside of the premises, a man playing racquetball, a racquet, location and various text in regards to membership and facilities offered. Doodled in black ink by Elvis: The word Billy with an arrow pointing to the racquetball player, Me with an arrow pointing toward the word Presley. Under the membership application information ie:name address, etc, is written Elvis Presley, 3764 Me Blvd, Memphis, Tenn, 38116. Pvt # (scratched out), I mortgaged Graceland for this? written above outside illustration of facility and a lightning bolt drawn above an illustration of a tree. Elvis doodled on this brochure while aboard the Lisa Marie plane.

Estimated value 9000$

37.jpg (50605 bytes)

Elvis' Sheriff Plaque 

Estimated value ??

38.jpg (64019 bytes)

Seventh Degree Black Belt Certificate

Inscribed April 9, 1973 7th Degree black belt

Estimated Value 1750$

39.jpg (47915 bytes)

McDonald's Gift Certificate

Given to Billy Smith. These were handed out to Elvis' closest friends for christmas as a joke.

Estimated value 600$

40.jpg (47288 bytes)

Gold Award For Aloha From Hawaii

Gold RIAA sales award presented to Elvis to commemorate the sale of more than five hundred thousand copies of the RCA Records release "Aloha from Hawaii". Estimated value 1000$

41.jpg (77885 bytes)

Elvis' Personal Acetate For "Fool"

On RCA Nashville label 331/3 stereo. With song titles hand written in black ink: Always on my mind, It's a matter of time, Fool, and Separate ways.

Estimated Value 1000$

42.jpg (38482 bytes)

Acetate For Good Luck Charm

On RCA Victor Reference Recording label. Handwritten on label M2WW 1003 "Good Luck Charm" Elvis Presley" In blue ink. Flipside label reading "M2WW 1002 "For the millionth and the last time" Elvis Presley" handwritten in blue ink.

Estimated value 1250$


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