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21.jpg (24008 bytes)


Estimated Value 13,000$

22.jpg (18185 bytes)


This Suit was worn by Elvis at one of his Madison Square Garden Shows in 1972.

Estimated Value: 55,000$

23.jpg (17871 bytes)

Turquoise Phoenix Suit

This suit was worn by Elvis in 1974/1975.

Estimated Value 95,000$

24.jpg (18783 bytes)

Red Jacket From "Double Trouble"

Worn by Elvis in numerous scenes of his 24th film.

Estimated Value 12,500$

25.jpg (16046 bytes)

Raw Silk Suit From "Live A Little, Love A Little"

2 piece silver raw silk suit worn in the psychedelic scene where Elvis sings "Edge of Reality". Estimated Value: 17,500$

26.jpg (17463 bytes)

RED Burning Love Suit

Worn by Elvis in the film "Elvis on Tour". 

Estimated Value: 120,000$

27.jpg (33757 bytes)

Sketch For the "Prehistoric Bird" Suit

Sketch by jumpsuit designer Gene Doucette who worked with Bill Belew in the design of Elvis' jumpsuits. This sketch is for the "Prehistoric Bird" jumpsuits which Elvis' Debuted in Las Vegas in Dec.1975. The sketch is dated 7/75!

Estimated Value 450$

28.jpg (16294 bytes)

The Welcome Home Elvis Tuxedo

Elvis wore this tux on May 12, 1960 for the Frank Sinatra Timex "Welcome Home Elvis" Special. Estimated Value 10,000$

29.jpg (28527 bytes)

Green Jeweled Kaftan Robe

Elvis wore this robe in 1975-76 and later gave it to Rosemary Alden, Ginger Alden's Sister.

Estimated value 4,000$

30.jpg (23910 bytes)

Apricot Jeweled Kaftan

Worn by Elvis in 1975-76 and later gave it to Jo Smith, Billy Smith's wife.

Estimated Value: 1900$

31.jpg (24157 bytes)

Lucky Stage Suit

Elvis wore this suit from 1972-1974. Estimated value 50,000$


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