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I Would like to thank everyone who sent in donations to keep Jordan's Elvis World online.


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Congrats to Jeff Stables for winning the FECC/Jordan's Elvis World Founders 2005 Raffle!


  There are Three levels of founders:

Gold: A donation of $5.00US.

This will get you a permanent spot on the "Founders page" which will list your name and any special message you would like to add.

Platinum: $10.00US - and above!

A minimum donation of 10.00US can make you a Platinum Founder!

You can pledge as much as you want over the 10.00 as well!

This will get you a permanent spot on the founders page, like the gold founder, but you will be known as a platinum founder.

If you donate more than once, you can gain platinum x2, x3 status etc.

Lifetime Diamond Founder:

If you make a donation of 50.00 or more, you will be known as a "Lifetime Diamond Founder", which is designated as "Diamond" status and will get you displayed at the top of the list, with a special diamond founder logo.

If you wish not to use a credit card I can gladly accept checks or money orders. Please make payable to "Jordan Ritchie".

Email me for details

 I look forward to bringing you many more years of Elvis enjoyment!


-Jordan Ritchie -Webmaster

Email Me at webmaster@jordans-elvis-world.com


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