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C.C. rider
I got a woman/ amen
Love me
All shook up
Love me tender
Hound dog
Polk salad annie
Why me Lord
Suspicious minds
Band introductions
I can't stop loving you
Help me
American trilogy
Let me be there
Funny how time slips away
Big boss man
Teddy bear/ don't be cruel
Can't help falling in love
(recorded live, June 24, 1974, Niagara Falls, Matinee show)
I got a woman/ amazing grace (live, August 14, 1973, Las Vegas, dinner show)
Detroit city (part) (live, September 11, 1970, Portland)
Charlie pride song (part) (live, August 10, 1970, Las Vegas, midnight show)
Charlie pride song (part) (live, September 6, 1970, Las Vegas, closing show)
Hound dog (slow version) (live, august 30, 1971, Las Vegas, midnight show)
Steamroller blues (live, August 7, 1972, Las Vegas, midnight show)
The most beautiful girl (part) (live, January 27, 1974, Las Vegas)
Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It's Flavor Over Night (Unknown)
The lord's prayer (part) (live, February 9, 1974, Las Vegas, dinner show)
Guadalajara (part) (live, August 25, 1974, Las Vegas, dinner show)
That's amore (part) (live, March 29, 1975, Las Vegas, dinner show)
American trilogy (live, June 2, 1974, Mobile)
Young love (part) (live, May 8, 1976, Lake Tahoe, dinner show)
Something (live, July 24, 1975, Ashville)
Return to sender (live, July 24, 1975, Ashville)
wooden heart (live, July 24, 1975, Ashville)
when the swallows come back (Unknown)

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