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Jailhouse rock (from the promo Elvis '68)
Kentucky rain
Guitarman/ what'd I say
After loving you
Too much monkey business
Just call me lonesome
Lovin' arms
You asked me too
Clean up your own backyard
She thinks I still care
Faded love
I'm movin' on
It's only love (longer version)
The sound of your cry (Extended version)
The twelfth of never (overdub)
Whole lotta shakin' goin'on (extended version with original horn dubbings)
Mean woman blues (re-mix)
Baby let's play house (from the album "I was the one")
Rip it up (from the album "I was the one")
Paralyzed (from the album "I was the one")
Bossa nova baby (extended version)
The Elvis medley
An American trilogy (Live, April 9, 1972)



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