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Without Love (1,2,3)
Without Love (4)
Without Love (4)
Gentle On My Mind (vocal overdub)
Just A Little Bit Of Green (undubbed master)
Wearin' That Loved On Look (partially overdubbed master)
Suspicious Minds (vocal overdub)  
I'll Be There (5,6)
Hey Jude (undubbed master)
You'll Think Of Me (vocal overdub)
Inherit The Wind (partially overdubbed master)
This Is The Story (1,2)  
Sammy Shore speech/Opening Riff [Las Vegas Jan 26,1970]
All Shook Up [Las Vegas Jan 26,1970]
Don't Cry Daddy [Las Vegas Jan 26,1970]
Walk A Mile In My Shoes / In The Ghetto [Las Vegas Jan 26,1970]
True Love Travels On A Gravel Road [Las Vegas Jan 26,1970]
Goin' Home (3,4)  
Goin' Home (5)
Goin' Home (9,10,11)
Goin' Home (12,13,14)
Goin' Home (16,17,18)
Goin' Home (19,20,22)
Goin' Home (23,24)
Goin' Home (25,26,27,28)

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