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TCB Band Q&A From The Presidents Luncheon. January 6, 2001. 
I transcribed this from an audio source I personally recorded.

Scheff: Well uh, I've been trying to think of a story that most of you probably haven't heard. I think my favorite story about Elvis occurred when we were recording in graceland. And uh Charlie Hodge came up and said "Would you come up to Elvis' bedroom?". And so I went up there. And I walked into the room and there was about five police officers in Elvis' bedroom. So it was a shock for me. And I walked into the room. In any event he introduced me to these gentleman. And he took me into his closet and he had some suits that he, and I never had seen him wear them. It looked a little like a Superfly suit maybe. And he said "here try this on!" So I took it into a room and it swam on me you know I wasn't nearly big enough to have it on. He wound up giving me a velvet coat. And uh, so I went downstairs and he had everyone else in the band come up to his room and uh, what he was doing he had a Denver police Captains uniform on that they had presented him, the policeman had presented him and he wanted all of us to dress up too. We were gonna record in costume. And so we were sitting down. I couldn't look Elvis in the face. Here he was with his Dever Police Captains uniform on. And the Stamps had on all the Superfly outfits on. I mean we were all sitting there trying to record and laughing. And I don't think we got anything else done that night. That was the Elvis I remember. 

Tutt: Good afternoon. (Applause). Uh, I'd like to take this oppurtunity to introduce two very close people who are very dear to my heart. Fortunately with us today and. And um. The reason I take this oppurtunity is that they are my daughters Rachel And Elisia. (Applause). And it's kind nice that the are here today because One of my favorite stories about Elvis was uh, it took play on Decemeber the 7th, er the 27th, No wait a minute December the 7th I was right the first time, About 25 years ago. Uh, I got this call I just laid my head down to bed on this typical Vegas day and uh my wife says my water broke. And I was the coach and we had a pilot on standby and we had to beeper and got to the airport and we had home delivery and all that. Now Elvis knew all of this was going on and how important it was that I had to leave no matter when It was. And as you all know family came first to him this had happened in my case many many times and he seemed all right with that because that's the way he felt about things. The show would go on, that life would go on, that family was first. So anyway, uh, it's a matter of a joke though. That day went by and the next day we got on an airplane and got back to Las Vegas to do the show that day. Now a couple of days later he didn't push real hard but he said "Ronnie, I really want to see that baby. And I wanted to make sure that was the real reason you didn't do the show". That was his sense of humor. But sure enough we brought her back a few days later. And he was downstairs, had the Lisa Marie plane all ready to go. I Think he was going to pick up a Black Diamond that he had seen and wanted. His favorite stone or something like that. He was always outdoing himself. So Ah, we got there and he picked up elicia and he held her in his arms for at least an hour. It was at least an hour. And everyone else said that uh, that uh, (crys) It's amazing! And uh Esposito comes in saying "Come on E we got this plane warming up, and the fuel cost per hour. "Man don't talk to me about all that kinda stuff, I don't wanna hear that damn... I'm holding a baby, I'm holding Ronnie's baby." You know that's the way he was. He could care less what the cost was or anything. Now everyone was read to go. So I'm glad he held her, and I'm sure she is too! (Laughter). And if he saw her today he would never let her go!! (Laughter) Thank you.

I just want to say that it's a pleasure to be here, that it's a pleasure to see all of you a pleasure I hope. It's always a pleasure to see our friends at graceland and that ummmmm. ummmmmmmm. ummmmm. And the folks from Denmark had their convention in a bar last night and i'm sorry that you missed that one. I Missed the last part of it. Um. It's strange for us to get together and not play. It's a pleasure to get together and dress up like Johnny Cash. Thank you all for coming. It's a pleasure to be here.. (Applause).

Guercio: I'd like to say that uh doing Elvis The Concert the last couple of years uh, it's great to meet people from all over the world and it's fantastic. It's a network that you cannot believe I never realised how strong it really was. Thank you for keeping us on the road and keeping it all together. (Applause)
I'd like to propose a toast To J.D. Sumner Please. Basso Profundo.. It means a deep base patsy, so don't get excited. If you still have your tickets ready we will be giving away James Burton (Laughter, Applause). 

James: What I needed. I'm certainly happy to be here and thank you guys for all the support and all the years and uh I want to thank Jack Soden and all the staff of course Patsy Anderson and of course all you folks. Most of all I would like to thank God for blessing me like this. One of my scariest stories of all is when I first brought that pink paisley guitar out and played behind Elvis onstage at the Internation hotel out there in Las Vegas. It took me two weeks to get up the nerve to do it. And Red West came up one night and said you're chicken if you don't get this guitar out tonight and play it. I guess tonights as good a night as any. So I took the guitar out and the first show, and played it the first show. And Elvis walks over when we did Johnny B. Goode he acts like he plays guitar with me. And he never looked at me one time. Then later on during the show he looked around and he did a double take at the guitar and I said oh no here we go! I was afraid. I didn't know what he might say! And uh sure enough between shows he called me in the dressing room and he said "Where did you get the guitar". And I said well Fender sent it to me and they wanted me to try it out onstage and see if you like it. And he said "I love it, it sounds great and it looks great!" And that kinda took the fear away. I continued to play it and he really liked it. So that was one of my scary moments on stage with Elvis. But anyway it is really an honor to be here and I would like to thank the graceland staff for letting us be here.

Fan: Jerry Scheff, we heard you all just redid "Fire Down Below" In Nashville. Could you give us some info on that?

Scheff: Yeah, we uh.. We cut that song along with three other ones. Yesterday we went to a recording studio out here and James recorded his guitar part... Kind like the frosting on the cake. So uh, anyhow yeah it's recorded most of it. The sweet inspirations are going to do a part on it. I'm going to take it out to Los Angeles for them to do their part.. We hope it will be out sometime in February and uh people will be able to hear the "Most famous song that Elvis Never Sang. 

Tutt: I would like to say on Jerry's behalf that he also wrote a beautifull ballad that never got presented to Elvis. We also recorded that and I think it's a very nice song and I think you will to.

Fan: Gentleman, first of all, it's an honor to be in the same room with you again....... Mr. Tutt I am a frustrated drummer and I wanted to know how difficult it was to follow Elvis, and his moves. Did you know where he was going, or?

Tutt: Well that's a good question. Ah. we went thru alot of years where we tried to second guess him. And then later on he started to do alot of karate moves onstage. So out of self, how to protect myself or my job or whatever, or to just figure out what he was doing - well I started studying karate myself so I would know the combination of punches and things he would do. Alot of times we would just be winging it. That's why I had such a big drumset. Wherever he was hitting at least I would make a noise (laughter). 

Fan: thank you once again.

Fan: First of all guys, happy new year we all love you and Mr. Burton congrats on your induction into the rock and roll hall of fame. (applause). I think, I know you all are wonderfull and you all should be in the the hall of fame. 

Fan: This is a question for Jerry Scheff. We have heard that when you first signed on with Elvis that you were not really a big fan of his and really didn't know that much about him and this is your quote, "that he took you to school musically". Could you speak of that in terms of what Elvis maybe opened your eyes to in music?

Scheff: Yeah, I ah. Grew up playing Rythym and Blues and Jazz believe it or not. And when I got the call to work for elvis; when James called me I had never really played country music and I had never played white rock and roll. I had played some R&B and then.. so.. When I got the call to go to work for Elvis it was like well.... You know. I'm gonna go see what he was about, but I didn't know whether I was going to do it or not. And I went down to the first rehearsal and I came home from that rehearsal and I told my wife "you gotta hear this guy"! And she looked at me and said "aww come on you're kidding"! And I said no really tommorow night you come down and go with me! And she came down with me the next night to rehearse. That was the night the Ronnie came along. And it just blew her away! And it was like going to school for me, working with him because, and the TCB band ya know. I was sorta just feeling my way along. (applause). 

Patsy Anderson: James Burton will be leaving soon. He has to fly back to shreveport. Because tommorow in shreveport, La they will be naming the street in front of the louisiana hayride "Elvis Presley Avenue" (Applause) so james has to go now!

Fan: Mark, (Rep. from TV Guide) I have a question for you. Was Elvis the largest selling issue of tv guide, that there ever has been.

Mark: Uh... no!


Fan: Don't tell me that!

Mark: No, because TV guide has changed so much over the years. It used to be that TV Guide used to sell 20 million issues every week. And that was when there used to be only 3 or 4 channels.  But it is the largest selling issue last year, which is incredible! Every year for every magazine and every network sales keep coming down.. So for him...Think about it.. It's TV guide.. Not music guide! The guy wasn't on Tv! But still it was the biggest selling issue last year for TV guide. So we were just blown away by the fact that so many issues were sold. And it's mainly because he has so many fans!


Fan: I have a question for Joe Guercio.. Um Joe, many of us are fascinated with the evolution of "Polk Salad Annie" recalling over the years and how the arrangements changed And about the horns especially in '75 and '76. Could you just talk briefly about the evolution and who changed the arrangements. Did Elvis change them or did you?

Guercio: You know, you're right about that, they are changed. uh, but I don't know I don't think they changed. (Laughter). Oh the beggining routine became longer and longer and longer with  "hup two three four, that's how I stay up in the army" there was a brass fill in there that we had to take out. And then he would get in another routine so we just played dead until we got to "A" and started playing.
Alot of times he would want to talk and other times he would want to change it. He was a performer who would never do the same show everynight. Are you aware that we changed the name of the band that we belong to now???
We call ourselves the "Greatfull Living"
(Laughter and applause)

Fan: Hi Guys, I'm speaking from England here and it's about when you're on tour in Britain in March there is about 15 of us who pay about Fifteen-Hundred dollars to go to all of the shows and we were desperate to meet you and we never got to meet you officially. I don't know if you remember but we were on an interstate in Britain and we went to a "Burger King" and you guys rolled in. And Glenn told us "If you want 
to know were to find us, look in a Burger King. And we took it to mean that you thought that the food in Britain sucks. So we would like your honest opinion on British food.

Hardin: Actually we find British food very good! We always enjoy going to Britain very much. The fans there seem to be among the best in the world. So um.. Everyone keep an eye out for us in Burger King!


Standing ovation.

Patsy: If it wasn't for these guys we wouldn't be able to put this show on. Thank you all so very much. Now I would like to know if you guys would like to do a book "The TCB band remembers".?

Tutt: Stig Egrin who is the producer of "Elvis The Concert". When we were in Australia last year invited a reporter to follow us around. And had many differrent breakfast with us, as well as many a group dinner. We all sat around and laughed and scratched and just fed stories and bounced stories off of each other and got it all on tape. And it is going to be a compilation. We don't know at this point in time if it will be released or published. You know, the nucleus of the stuff is there and there is alot of the stories. Alot of the road stories that we remember are in there. So keep your eyes open for it.. All positive stuff!

Thank you all for coming!

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