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Latest JAT Productions Products

During the past few months JAT productions of Joe Tunzi has released some great items. Below are reviews, and information on how you too can buy these items.

     Here we have the latest DVD from JAT. Titled "Hot shots and cool clips, volume 1". Yes, I am told there will be a volume 2 with many surprises. Now back to the item at hand. You are greated by a very neatly designed menu upon inserting the DVD making navigation very easy. You can select 4 areas. 50's, 60's, 70's, and news in brief.

     In the 50's section you get to view some very nice footage taken in 1956 with Elvis in las vegas. Lot's of rarities here including Elvis onstage with Liberace, and other various vegas attractions. The quality on this footage is very good. Next we get a sneak peak at some footage from Elvis' Tupelo '57 performances. We get to see lots of never before seen for this item. There are some very nice other rarities in the 50's section too.

    In the 60's section we are treated to March, and May 1960 clips, and some rare footage from July 1961 during filming of "Follow that Dream" in Weeki Wachee Springs, Fl. Also some very rare footage of Elvis backstage with singer Bobby Darin. Next we have some footage of Elvis with Danny Thomas. Elvis is presenting St. Judes Hospital with a Yacht as a fundraiser. Very Very good quality footage, nice closeups. Then we have a few minutes of footage from Elvis' marriage to Priscilla. I believe we have seen most of this before, but very nice to have it finally (!!) on DVD. Up next we have some footage from 1968 of Elvis signing autographs in front of his home. Rounding out the 60's section is a very complete film of when Elvis was in Las Vegas in 1969 to sign the contracts on film for his upcoming appearences at the international hotel. You get to see Elvis surrounded by the unfinished shell of the building.

     In the 70's section we get an uncomplete, but very entertaining edit of the famous June 9, 1972 press conference in new york. The quality is very good and we get to see a few things that have never appeared before.

     All in all, this DVD is a must have for all Elvis fans. The only downside is that most of the footage has non-elvis instrumental music dubbed in the background. That can be fixed though with the mute button ;) So if you get the oppurtunity to purchase this DVD it is well worth it!


Here we have JAT's latest book and cd combo "America the Beautifull".

    I was very pleased with this book as the pictures are contained on very high quality paper. We get to see some rare, and not so rare pictures on 96 pages 50% of which are in color. The theme for this book as I gather is Elvis as the AMERICAN Patriot. If you love Joe's other books you will love this one even MORE! 

     In the wake of the september 11th events we have been bombarded with different "America the Beautifull" cd's. The one included in this book I believe is much better than any others released, hands down. From the outstanding artwork, to the brilliant soundquality - this will definitely become a collectors item very soon as it was released only with this book. The track listing for this cd is as follows:

AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL - Dec. 6, 1975 Las Vegas, Nv
IF I CAN DREAM - original master (June 23, 1968) WITH GREAT STEREO SEPARATION! - Western Recorders, Los Angeles, Ca.
GOIN' HOME - Jan. 16, 1968 (RCA Studio B - Nashville, Tn.) REMASTERED!
STAY AWAY - Jan. 17, 1968 (RCA Studio B - Nashville, Tn.) REMASTERED!

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