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Elvis Birthday Celebration 2002 In Pictures


This was a very special occasion at Graceland. The staff had displayed special artifacts, mostly clothing, for fans visiting during the birthday festivities. After Jan 8 the displays were put back into storage. If you were unable to attend; I offer you some glimpses of these artifacts.



This off stage coat worn circa '75-'76 greeted visitors at the top of the staircase!


We were treated to some new jumpsuit displays in the Racquetball building.



Here is Elvis' black velvet Kenpo/IKKA one piece suit.




Here is Elvis' family bible.


This suit should look familiar to everyone who bought the TTWII-SE!!


I believe that Elvis is shown wearing this suit entering a hotel circa 1974,

as seen on the "There's Always Me" volume 4 cd set.


A great shirt worn by Elvis circa 1969-1970


Vernon/Glady's Bedroom. Note the makeup bag on the chair, and the dress and hat on the bed.


Note Glady's purse on the dresser.


A violin, Elvis'??? No accompanying information was provided w/ this exhibit.


Being introduced by world famous Elvis author/Elvis world magazine creator Bill Burk during his luncheon. This was a complete surprise to me, as I was asked to be a "Special guest speaker" at the last moment.


I hope you enjoyed this little pictorial of some of the special exhibits/etc during the Elvis 2002 Birthday celebration. If you have any questions or comments EMAIL me.

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