Loose ends, Vol. 2

Lucky Records CDLR717 (Released 1993)

Tonight is so right (Take 8)
Shoppin' around (Take 5)
Follow that dream (Take 2)
Thanks to the rolling sea (Alt. take)
Mama (Alt. take)
Earth Boy (Alt. take)
I'dont want to be tied (Alt. take)
I'm falling in love tonight (Take 4)
They remind me to much of you (Alt. take)
Guadalajara (Alt. take)
House of sand (Differnet Film Version)
Sand Castles
A Dog's life (Take 4)
It won't be long
She's a machine
You don't know me (Film Version)
You don't know me ( Studio Version)
Stay away
Stay away Joe #1
Stay away Joe #2