(Madison CWP 009) (Released 2005)

Victrola" Special offer (10/56)
I Beg Of You (9, 10) [Binaural]
One Night Of Sin (overdubbed sax) [Blue Suede Shoes ballet CD]
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (14) [Binaural]
Loving You (KX 16)
I Need Your Love Tonight (14)
No More (9)
For The Millionth And The Last Time (7)
I Met Her Today (14)
Please Don't Drag That String Around (3, 5)
Home Is Where The Heart Is (12)
Night Life (unedited master)
Yellow Rose Of Texas/The Eyes Of Texas (unedited master)
The Climb (3)
Do The Vega (unedited master)
Wisdom Of The Ages (1, 2)
Easy Come, Easy Go (9)
500 Miles (Homerecording, stereo)
Heartbreak Hotel (Aug. 24, 1969 MS.)
I Can't Stop Loving You (Aug. 24, 1969 MS.)
Blueberry Hill/Lawdy Miss Clawdy (Feb. 23, 1970 CS.)
I've Lost You (Reh, Aug. 7, 1970)
I've Lost You (Reh, Aug. 10, 1970)
I've Got Confidence (1)
It's A Matter Of Time (Undubbed master)
Conversation "On Tour"
"Elvis On Tour" Radio ad (Nov. 1972)
Trying To Get To You (March 3, 1974 AS)
Woman Without Love (Undubbed master)
My Boy (L.V. March 1975)
Big Boss Man (L.V. March 1975)
And I Love You So (March 21, 1976) [Binaural]