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Black star (master)/ Black star (take 6, end title) / Black star (Acetate)/ Summer, Kisses Winter tears (take 1,14)/ Summer Kisses Winter tears (take 20)/ Summer kisses winter tears (take 21-23)/ Summer kisses, Winter tears (take 24)/ Summer kisses Winter tears (take 25)/ Summer kisses, Winter tears (take 26)/ Summer kisses, winter tears (Movie version)/ Summer kisses, Winter tears (Master)/ Britches (Instrumental take 1)/ Britches (Vocal overdub take 1 - 7)/ Britches (Insert take 1)/ Britches (Master take 5/4)/ A cane and High starched Collar (take 2,3)/ A cane and high starched collar (Master)/ Flaming star (Vocal overdub)/ Flaming star (Stereo)/ Flaming star (Master take 6)/ Flaming star (Instrumental take 1)/ Flaming star (End Title version)/ Flaming star (Movie Soundtrack versions)/ A cane and high starched collar (Movie Soundtrack versions)/ Bonus track: Original Movie Theatre Trailer.