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Desert storm (Closing night)

Fort Baxter 2200 (Released 1996)

Microphone Dialogue
I got a woman/amen
Karate dialogue
Until it's time for you to go
If you love me let me know
It's midnight
Big boss man
You gave me a mountain
Priscilla dialogue
Softly, as i leave you
Hound dog
An American trilogy
It's now or never
Band introductions
Bringin' it back (Sung by Voice, Elvis sings bass in parts)
Aubrey (Sung by Voice, Elvis recites the words)
Band & Celebrity introductions
It's now or never
Let me be there
If you talk in your sleep
Drugs dialogue
Hawaiian wedding song
Jewelry dialogue
Can't help falling in love
Closing vamp
Recorded live, Las Vegas, September 2, 1974, closing night.