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From the bottom of my heart

Savanah Records BK 4895 (Released 1996)

Western Union (alternate mix)
Ask me (alternate mix)
Have a happy (alternate take)
Let us pray (alternate take)
Change of habit (alternate take)
Ask me (# 2)
Girl happy
Beach shack (alternate mix)
I've got to find my baby
There's a brand new day on the horizon (alternate mix)
Roustabout (alternate take)
John Paris intervieuw (recorded in Germany)
Fame and fortune (# 2)
Frankfort special (# 2)
Wooden heart (# 3)
Such a night (# 2,3,4)
A cane and a high starched collar (# 2)
Award presentations to Elvis (Recorded in Honolulu, 1961)
I'm beginning to forget you (Recorded at Graceland)
Monal Lisa (Recorded at Graceland)
Guadalajara (# 2)
If I can dream (# 4)
Let it be me (live)
The impossible dream (live)
Reconsider baby (live)
I'll remember you (live)
Tony Prince intervieuw
Jaycee Award speech
Aloha from Hawaii press conference