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Elvis Week 2003



Jordan And Bill Burk. This year I was shocked a surprised (in a very good way) to win the "Elvis World Fan Of The Year Award". I am extremely honored by this award.



Alanna Nash (Revelations of the Memphis Mafia, And The Colonel Author), Jordan And Mary Hinds. Good friends and both are very talented authors!



Mary Hinds presents a special award to Bill, and Connie Burk for all the hard work they do for us fans!



Waltier my very good friend from Brazil and Jordan.



A good friend of mine Kylan (regular poster on FECC board) and Jordan



Ernst Jorgenson RCA/BMG's "Elvis Guy"  and Jordan (heh heh heh)


Jordan and Famous Elvis Photograper Keith Alverson, who's also a great guy!



Jordan and Elvis Author Darren Memmer



Jordan and Famous Elvis Author Joe Tunzi.



Julie Parrish (Elvis' Costar)  and Jordan


Jordan and Elvis Author/DJ Jerry Osborne


My good friend Randy, and Jordan.



Jordan, and Good Friend Robert Alaniz -- Who runs the "Elvis Con" Elvis collectables convention.



Jordan and Mr.Alaniz's wife Carol.



Jordan, and my good friend Brian the Elvis Dealer ;)



Arnie who runs a very succesfull business in florida "Moon over Miami" and Jordan. At Elvis Con 2003.


Jordan and Elvis Dealer Helmut at Elvis Con 2003



Me and another Elvis fan getting ready to watch the "Elvis Fans Choice Awards".




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