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The Universally Elvis Fan-Club Proclamation

Our Main Goals In The Universally Elvis Fan-Club Are To:

1.Bring Elvis Back To #1 In The Public's Eye.
1a) We Will Do This By Taking An Aggressive Approach To All Forms Of Media.
1b) By Starting An Electronic (Online) And Domestic Family Larger Than Ever Before. (Strength In Numbers!)
1c) Publicizing His Work In Charities.

2. Bring Elvis Back Into The Public Eye.
2a) By Taking Tapes/Cd's To (Our) Your Area Radio Station, And Asking Them To At Least Give E Some Much Needed Airtime , Not Hound Dog, Etc Etc!!!
2b) Somehow Get E's Status With Billboard Fixed, So He Can Once Again Chart In The U.S.
2c) Prepare Articles For (Our) Your Local Newspaper With Elvis Related News.

3.Promote Elvis As Humanitarian
3a) Promote Elvis' Philanthropic Ways Through All Media.
3b) Dispel Rumors Related To Racist Remarks Etc.
3c) Publicize Elvis Work With Various Ethnic Groups, Etc.
3d) [See 1c]

4.Be Aggressive Towards All Negative Media.
4a) We Will Contact All Negative Media With Either Correct Information, Or Campaign Against Severe Negative Media.

These Are The 4 Main Goals We Will Concentrate On, As I Have Probably Forgotten Some Major Issues, Your Further Ideas Are Welcome! E-mail Me HERE

Revised By:
President: Jordan Ritchie
Vice President/Secretary: Dawn Ritchie